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This covenant is between the Session of Stillwater United Church, Presbyterian U.S.A. of Stillwater, New York, in the Presbytery of Albany, New York and the Reverend Last Name and the Presbytery of Albany, New York, for the establishment of a transitional pastoral relationship between Reverend Last Name and the congregation of Stillwater United Church, Presbyterian U.S.A., Stillwater, New York, and is effective on dates. It requires the approval of all three parties.


Shared Goals for the Well-being of the Stillwater United Church:

       1. To work together to provide for the spiritual growth and the ongoing mission and work of the church.

       2. To work together to prepare the congregation to receive a new installed pastor.

       3. To facilitate open sharing of information with the congregation and reaching out to members/friends, past and present through visits for those willing to accept a visit.


The Transitional Pastor shall:


Reverend Last Name and the Staff Support committee of Stillwater United Church have agreed to the following expectations:

  1. The interim position will be for 14-20 hours/week.
  2. Planning for Sunday services will occur with the Administrative Assistant, Musical Minister, and Music and Worship committee.
  3. Moderate Session meetings.
  4. Provide a monthly newsletter article for the newsletter.
  5. Visitations to shut-ins, nursing homes and occasional hospital visits and visitation of members, friends and those who are not attending church now, but have in the past, to the extent possible within the weekly hours. Also provide home communion during these visits, if desired.
  6. Baptisms, Funerals and Weddings, as requested, if in accordance with the Session’s previously stated policies.


The Congregation/Session shall:

1.   Support the pastor in their ministry

  1. Maintain education, mission, music, and other ministries of the congregation.
  2. Continue to provide staff support.
  3. Provide regular financial compensation according to the terms outlined below
  4. Provide a performance review to the pastor no later than 60 days from time of contract beginning date and thereafter an annual review will be performed.
  5. Pray for the pastor during this contract period
  6. Prior to the start of the contract, negotiate goals for contract period





The Reverend Last Name will be accountable to the Presbytery of Albany as a member, through its Committee on Ministers and Congregations (COMAC) and to the Session of Stillwater United Church, Presbyterian U.S.A. as moderator, through its Staff Support committee and will participate in the evaluation of this transitional ministry with them on an agreed upon basis.


Length of Covenant:


This agreement is for a period of twelve months (12) and may be extended as agreed to by all parties. No later than 60 days prior to the date of expiration, the session is responsible to negotiate an extension.


Compensation: Compensation will meet Presbytery minimum terms of call per weekly hours negotiated.


Additional budgeted items:

  • Manse available
  • Manse Utilities, Telephone Stipend & Moving Expenses: to be negotiated.


Vacation, Continuing Education and Other Time Away:

[amounts to be pro-rated in accordance with the actual length of time served]

  • Vacation: Four (4) weeks, including Four (4) Sundays
  • Continuing Education: Two (2) weeks
  • Vacation and study leave (time and funds, to the extent that the funds be used for Continuing Education) not taken by Reverend Last Name shall accrue through the entire time of this ministry with Stillwater United Church, Presbyterian, U.S.A. and shall be payable upon termination of the covenant as provided herein.
  • Service to Wider Church: We encourage participation in the Albany Presbytery, Albany, New York.


Termination Provisions

  • Either party may terminate the agreement with a (30) day written notice and concurrence of the COMAC.



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Clerk of Session, Ruling Elder Beverly Frank                          Date

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Transitional Minister, Reverend Last Name                                           Date                     

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COMAC Representative,                                                              Date

Teaching Elder Name

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